CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES™ are high-performance tools designed to burn either MAPP® or propane gas at maximum efficiency. They have been engineered to provide years of uninterrupted service. General Regulator, Inc., was incorporated in 1978 and  has been producing this torch design ever since. This has been made possible by a patented, all-metallic construction of mechanical excellence. Only premium quality materials are used in both the regulator and torch assemblies. This high performance regulator is also used on larger acetylene, MAPP®, and propane outfits requiring higher gas flow rates and pressure.

The torch tip provides a very intense vortex combustion which involves a CROSSWIRL™ burner. The fuel is practically completely burned inside the flame tube. The gas coming out of the flame tube is pure heat. The flame is neither oxidizing nor carbonizing. When you light the torch, you will notice the jet-like sound. While using the torch, you will see how quickly the work is heated. This high-performance burner results in higher work temperature in less time and lower fuel costs than any other torch on the market. In comparing CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES with competitors torches, you will note that the CROSSWIRL TORCH TIPS are cool to the touch. The competitions’ designs waste energy by heating up the torch tip, making them hot to the touch. This explains why the CROSSTECH TORCH FLAMES ARE HOTTER THAN THE COMPETITION.

4 Standard Models
Single Barrel
Double Barrel
Triple Barrel
By:  General Regulator
Since 1978!